tow-head messes
We celebrated Hudson's birthday last weekend by having a pirate-themed party.  Andy and I made an awesome Pirate Bean Bag Toss, I created an amazing treasure/scavenger hunt, and the weather was wonderful!  If I sound like I'm tooting my own horn - toot toot toot...I am!  I made Pirate Punch labels for the juice bottles, I made name tags for their scavenger bags, I made a pirate pennant (that I didn't hang), oh and I made chocolate cake pops. Refer to my "Preparing for a Party" post for all of my adorable labels.
These are the pictures that made up the scavenger hunt.  At each of of the items above, there was a prize for each kid and the next photo clue.  The prizes included pirate tattoos, bouncy balls, eye patch, and hankies for their heads. The last clue was the police car lights and the picture was hiding on the playground.  When the kids found it, Andy wooped on his car sirens and scared them all, and then gave them bags of candy.  It was great!
I'm not going to lie, the party got off to a bit of a rough start.  I tried making a pirate cake on Saturday and ended up throwing in the towel after creating a turd.  I was really disappointed in the cake that I made so I started calling bakeries.  Nobody could have a cake done by 1pm the next day, except for Walmart on the north end of town.  So, I showed up at Wally at 1pm the next day to pick up the cake that I personally had ordered - it was never made, go figure.  I waited around for 25 minutes and then dashed home to a house full of people.  I was a little stressed in the beginning, but just had to let it go...on with the party.
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