tow-head messes
La menu for the day:

Breakfast - whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter.

Lunch - Spinach salad with ground turkey meat (taco seasoning), a dab of dressing, & croutons
(not filling at all, need some protein - need something, already hungry, not going to fail now.) 

Those damn donuts that boss man brought in yesterday are still out on the counter - going to have to draw a cockroach on the box again, so I'm not tempted...oh, and there's chocolate cake sitting out too.  Killin' me, killin' me.

Dinner - I had planned for Andy to grill turkey burgers, but the meat wasn't thawed.  So, what does Andy want? Frozen Pizza.  I was not ruining my first day journaling.  I concocted quite the meal for myself - brown rice, black beans, tuna, and a little bit of pesto.  It was actually pretty good and I saved some for tomorrow's lunch.  I also had a few wheat thins & hummus.

Ended the evening with a glass o' wine.

Day 1 - 

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