tow-head messes
I told my friend Jen and my sister Julie that I was going to start a food journal - yesterday. Unfortunately, boss man brought in donuts for losing the football pool this week, now I can refrain from eating a donut, but the sprinkled donut holes got the best of me.  I had a couple or 3 (wink, wink).  Tomorrow is a new day and I will begin then.  I welcome your comments and/or journals. I'm always interested in getting ideas about good healthy snacks and I look forward to this journey, I mean journal.  

Jen and I go walking around the park - we began our adventures jogging, but as the weather got hotter this summer, our pace got slower.  Maybe now that it's cooling down, we'll start jogging again.  After all, I did get some new kicks.  I wore them for the first time yesterday and they gave me a blister, but I'm sure I'll break them in soon.  They're very flashy and fun!
Anyways, wish me luck.  I bought a pound of spinach, some yummy dressings, feta, bacon bits (can't go without) and croutons.  

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