tow-head messes
I am conducting a poll about the fabric combinations you see below.  I have several pillow inserts waiting to be covered.  Below are fabric swatches that I love and would like to use, but can't decide on the combination to go with.  The pillows will be for our couch in our formal living (that I'm trying to de-formalize).  I'm not going to give details about the couch because I don't love the couch and I am planning on slip covering it and eventually getting a new one.  

Take a vote on your favorite combination or feel free to suggest a new combo or fabric.

Thanks for playing,
I love

Check it out - this is all I have to say!

Okay, I'll fill you in...a little bit.  Pinterest is a website made up of creative pinboards from other users.  You pin your ideas and finds to your board.  This website is essentially eliminating my big bulky out-dated idea binder.

If you would like to create a pinterest account, just let me know and I will invite you.  I believe you can go to the website and request, but I heard it takes longer.  I'm warning you now - it's addicting, but I love it!  

Oh, and there is even a lovely app.