tow-head messes
I found a new recipe this weekend on pinterest that I had to try.  So, I brought it to my office pumpkin carve tonight.  It was delicious, it's really bad for you, but really good.  
I bought Andy Insanity workout program for his birthday in September.  We started it this past Monday.  We're on day 3 and it is I-N-S-A-N-E!  The warm-up is even intense. In my mind I'm competing with Andy; therefore, every day that Andy does it I'm doing it too.  

I'm going to attempt to get up in the morning and do the program at 6:00 am.  As difficult as it is, I'm not giving up.  We have been eating better too.  As a matter of fact I want to share a recipe.  
Check it out.  I listed turkey shirts on Etsy.  Yes, they're for sale.  My mom and I have mastered these adorable little gobblers.  

They are so cute and we know that you'll love them.  Click on the image below and check out my etsy shop

Last week my sister, Julie, sent me two pictures of what she made for dinner.  They both looked so delicious that I thought I should share.  Both of the recipes listed below are from my favorite recipe site -  and can be found unde r the 
Southwestern Cobb Salad
Weeknight Taco Salad
I saw this idea on and I just had to try it.  It is the cutest thing ever and I'm about to whip up a few more this weekend - so email me if you want one or two (wink!).  I will fill you in on the details if you're interested.
I am on a mission to re-gain control of my house one task at a time.  That's really the only way to do it, in my mind anyways.  No. 1 on my list is tackling all of the school papers that my child brings home on a daily basis. 

I hate to throw papers away (I hope my mama doesn't read this, because I just threw a fit when she unloaded all of my school papers on me).  She saved everything, and now here I am having a difficult time throwing away the "perfect papers" that Hudson is creating.  

Anyways, I found a great solution - it's an organizer and an eliminator, and it's perfect for us.  I found a paper box and created folders out of cardstock.  I then glued the grade form that you see below onto the front of it.  Each grade has a folder and a little chart to fill out.  I will probably upgrade at some point from a paper box to a plastic file box but for now I think this will work. 

I created a downloadable pdf file for your own use.  Just click on the image below.  Oh, one last thing...the green box on the left is place holder for a wallet-size school picture!