tow-head messes
Yesterday was such a beautiful day so we were outside enjoying the warm weather.  Hudson and Hadley were playing on their playset and I was working on a furniture project.  Hudson began shoveling some dirt (he has a little metal shovel for gardening) when his sister walked through the line of fire and got swiped by the shovel.  We all started screaming...Hadley in pain, I in fear for her eye, and Hudson in fear for his hiney!   I woke Andy up to take a look at it, he cleaned it out, and sent us on our way to Urgent Care.  

The doctor suggested using glue on it rather than stitches, and I was all for that.  So, with two of us holding her down, the Doctor glued her wound shut.  In 7 to 10 days the glue will just peel off and we will not have worry about removing stitches.  

Hadley's sentence of the day: "Hut-son, suvel, eyah!" So young, and already knows how to work the system.

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