tow-head messes

Hudson & Hadley


I have to admit...I made the sign for the class (pat, pat, pat)

Hudson receiving his award for becoming a reading millionaire! 

Fellow Millionaires

This past weekend my dear friend (and college roommate) Michelle and her family came to visit us.  We went to the beach for a couple of days and had a great time.  The weather was perfect, the food was great, and the kids played wonderfully together.  We had an awesome Easter Egg hunt and enjoyed every minute of the glorious day.
For Hudson's birthday this year we went the Angry Bird route.  I found the idea on, thought it was so cute and wanted try it.  The cupcakes turned out so cute.  I made a batch for his class and a batch for his party.  So easy and a big hit. I found the sprinkles on amazon, had them in three days and the birds were on!
More like Chubby Mama because once you start, there's no stopping.  They are so easy to whip up - mix, chill, dip, and DEVOUR!  Of course I got this recipe from Pinterest, which came from Six Sisters' Stuff
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I made these the other night and they were really good.  I might have gotten a little carried away with the honey mustard, as in I drenched them, because some of them were not as crispy on the bottom as I like.  That's the only complaint though - kids liked them, Andy liked them, and they were still excellent the next day as leftovers.  
I've been busy over the past couple of weeks.  
  1. We're done with our Christmas shopping - Thanks Amazon. 
  2. We're done shopping for Birthday gifts - Happy Birthday Ollie, Dallas, Hadley, Mom, and Jewels! 
  3. Teacher Gifts - check!
  4. Classmate gifts - done and cute as a button
  5. Holiday Baking for the neighbors - mission complete

I found an idea on Pinterest for Hudson's teacher gifts.  I know Mrs. T loves fun school supplies, so I think this is the perfect gift.  I think it turned out wonderfully.

Next I took on the classmate gifts.  Again, saw the idea on Pinterest and had to do it.  Hudson and Hadley love them too.  I made enough for Hadley to take to Library day on Wednesday because it's December Birthday celebration and she can pass them out to her little friends.  For the eight "regular" reindeers we used Mighty Maltballs from CVS. They are larger than Whoppers and closer in size to the red 1" gumballs I bought on  My friend Molly from Netsy&Co created the adorable labels.  So cute!
Today we baked some goodies.  I made four different recipes; overall I had a successful day.  I didn't burn anything, break anything, or kill anyone!  Tis the Season.  I will say that I'm a little disappointed in two of the recipes. I had plenty of recipes to choose from, and I narrowed it down to the following: 
  • Holiday Pretzel Treats  (5 out of 5 stars) - EASY EASY EASY!  These little salty sweet treats are so easy and yummy.  If you're looking for something the kids can help with - this is it.
  • Reindeer Feed  (4 out of 5 stars) - Another easy one.  I overheated the white chocolate so I had to thin it out with crisco.  I hate doing that, but it worked and these are easy and good (if you like peppermint).  Andy is not a fan of these, but he doesn't care for peppermint either.
  • Caramel Thumbprints (1 out of 5 stars) - I'm not a big fan of these.  These cookies are too dry and not quite sweet enough.  I thought the Rolos would off set the bitterness of the cocoa, but they're not quite enough.
  • Mexican Wedding Cookies (2 out of 5 stars) - Again, a little too dry.  As in when I was rolling a couple of them in powder sugar they crumbled.  Good flavor, but get a glass of milk.  

I have provided the recipes for all of them except for the Caramel Thumbprints. 

I found a new recipe this weekend on pinterest that I had to try.  So, I brought it to my office pumpkin carve tonight.  It was delicious, it's really bad for you, but really good.  
I bought Andy Insanity workout program for his birthday in September.  We started it this past Monday.  We're on day 3 and it is I-N-S-A-N-E!  The warm-up is even intense. In my mind I'm competing with Andy; therefore, every day that Andy does it I'm doing it too.  

I'm going to attempt to get up in the morning and do the program at 6:00 am.  As difficult as it is, I'm not giving up.  We have been eating better too.  As a matter of fact I want to share a recipe.