tow-head messes
I am conducting a poll about the fabric combinations you see below.  I have several pillow inserts waiting to be covered.  Below are fabric swatches that I love and would like to use, but can't decide on the combination to go with.  The pillows will be for our couch in our formal living (that I'm trying to de-formalize).  I'm not going to give details about the couch because I don't love the couch and I am planning on slip covering it and eventually getting a new one.  

Take a vote on your favorite combination or feel free to suggest a new combo or fabric.

Thanks for playing,
I bought these towels months ago - with the intentions of embroidering on them.  I did their names a while ago and am now just getting to the rest of it.  Originally I was going to embroider animals on them (similar to what you see at Pottery Barn) but changed my mind today.  I think they turned out really cute.  My mom got a new machine this week and this was our first project on it. Not too bad for the first trial run.

My friend Shana and I are venturing into the world of refurbishing furniture.  We both enjoy finding "worn" pieces of furniture and bringing them back to life.  I love painting/staining wood furniture and bringing new life to an old ugly upholstered item.  Shana and I have scavenged a few pieces recently and we're having fun working on them.  We decided instead of trying to sell them at a booth, where it's necessary to have lots of inventory, we would start a if you like what you see, or know someone that might - pass it on!  Click on the image below to see what we've got.
I promised Halloween decorations this weekend, and came up with nothing from the attic.  So, we started off the season with our annual pumpkin painting.  Hudson got a little more creative this year and added a face to his pumpkin.  Hadley was most excited about the paint and paintbrushes, that is until she stuck the brush in her mouth.  Luckily we used acrylic non-toxic paint! Of course, Andy painted a scary one, and mine is the cute one ;)
I love Autumn.  Love crisp cool air in the morning, wasting away hours of the day outside - and not sweating to death, the smell of pumpkin ANYTHING, and of course decorating.  I told the kiddos that we're going to decorate for Fall/Halloween this weekend.  It's the little things in life that make me happy & Autumn and decorating are just a couple of them.  I have to get up in the attic tomorrow and see what I have up there for decorations.  I'm probably going to want to toss everything and start over, but hopefully my creative ideas will be flowing and I can make the best of it.  I've already stumbled across several cute ideas that I'm looking forward to making.  

Last year Hud and I painted mini pumpkins.  I painted an adorable owl on mine, while he spent hours painting his entire pumpkin green, then blue, then purple, and then finishing it in orange.  Yes, he painted the entire pumpkin orange because, "pumpkins are orwange, mom."  We'll see what he comes up with this year.  
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