tow-head messes
I’m so inspired by other blogs that I read, and my mind is bubbling over with creative thoughts that I must set free!  If only I can find the time, that will be my biggest challenge.  As of right now, 12:19 am, I’m committed and motivated to being the best blogger I can be.  So, without further a due, welcome to “Towhead Messes”.  

I know that most people have heard of the phrase “tow-head”, but I’m not sure many know the history behind the spelling.  I researched this before making it my blog name, and here is what I have figured out. 

Towhead:A person with very light (almost white) blond hair, "tow" being flax or hemp fibers. Tow-headed, along with fair(-haired) and flaxen-haired, is a tradional way in the English language to refer to blond hair or lightly-colored hair, having come from its old Germanic roots (which are quite rare).

Toehead: A really stupid person.

Needless to say, I’m glad I did my research because my babies are far from stupid!  I'm throwing in the towel tonight, but am already thinking of what to publish next.  I hope you enjoy.