tow-head messes
Earlier this month Chick-fil-a celebrated Cow Appreciation Day and if you dressed as a cow you ate for free.  So, we dressed our calves up and headed to Chick-fil-a for some free grub.  I was actually really surprised at how many people participated - young and old.  A cute little old lady sat down next to us in full cow attire.  She was absolutely adorable.  Her outfit had a hood, utters, and a baby calf taped to her utter.  Of course when we left the kids stopped and chatted with her, called her utters a penis (Hud), and squeezed them (Hadley).  

The kids had so much fun making their outfits.  Hadley's outfit was a size 3 month halloween costume and we wrote "EAT MOR CHIKIN" on the chest.  Hudson's costume was from the Chick-fil-a website.  I printed out the ears, spots, nose, and sign and then we cut them out and taped them on.  

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