tow-head messes
This past weekend started out with a "flip out" scenario that I didn't enjoy.  I picked Hudson up from school at noon on Friday.  As I sat there waiting in line for the pick-up, I rolled down the window and listened to the sounds of the playground.  I felt so proud of Hudson because as all of the kids stood in two lines, I heard one thing, "Bye Hudson" repeated several times by several kids. There were nearly a dozen kids in the other classroom telling my child bye.  I think every mother wants their child to be liked which, in my eyes, means that he has a great personality, he's likable, he's friendly, and outgoing.  It brought a big smile to my face because he has a huge personality, is full of life and laughter, and that makes me proud.

After witnessing the kids chanting my child's name, I decided to surprise Hud by taking him to McDonalds...this is when things went south.  I was in the drive-thru line (we didn't have much time, so we couldn't stay and play), Hud started flipping out because he wanted to go inside and order.  I tried to order over his screaming, and then decided I was not going to reward his actions so I drove off.  I won't get into the details of the next 45 minutes, but let's just say it wasn't pretty and we both ended up in tears.  All that really matters is I stood my ground, and obviously I don't do that enough.  I think we both learned a lesson!
2nd "flip out" - while swimming at Fred & Melissa's, Hudson figured out how to flip in the water.  Not only was he doing back flips off the stairs, but he shortly figured out how to do front flips too.  This absolutely blew me away because at the beginning of the summer Hudson wouldn't leave the stairs.  Again, proud mama!  Hudson and Hadley had a great time swimming, and we all had a great time hanging out poolside.  I didn't really get to hang out / lounge because Hadley is a maniac and has no fear.  She kept jumping in, with or without me ready for the catch.  I'm excited that she loves the water, but her fearless actions are exhausting.

kristen f davis
09/19/2010 7:51pm

thanks for the shoutout! i looove the fly through our window and urban grace blogs..they're so stinking cute! i saw your post on my blog, btw. i have tons of family that lives down in good ol' columbus! i'm very familiar. anyway...just wanted to say hi!


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