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Check it out.  I listed turkey shirts on Etsy.  Yes, they're for sale.  My mom and I have mastered these adorable little gobblers.  

They are so cute and we know that you'll love them.  Click on the image below and check out my etsy shop

Last week my sister, Julie, sent me two pictures of what she made for dinner.  They both looked so delicious that I thought I should share.  Both of the recipes listed below are from my favorite recipe site -  and can be found unde r the 
Southwestern Cobb Salad
Weeknight Taco Salad
I saw this idea on and I just had to try it.  It is the cutest thing ever and I'm about to whip up a few more this weekend - so email me if you want one or two (wink!).  I will fill you in on the details if you're interested.
I am on a mission to re-gain control of my house one task at a time.  That's really the only way to do it, in my mind anyways.  No. 1 on my list is tackling all of the school papers that my child brings home on a daily basis. 

I hate to throw papers away (I hope my mama doesn't read this, because I just threw a fit when she unloaded all of my school papers on me).  She saved everything, and now here I am having a difficult time throwing away the "perfect papers" that Hudson is creating.  

Anyways, I found a great solution - it's an organizer and an eliminator, and it's perfect for us.  I found a paper box and created folders out of cardstock.  I then glued the grade form that you see below onto the front of it.  Each grade has a folder and a little chart to fill out.  I will probably upgrade at some point from a paper box to a plastic file box but for now I think this will work. 

I created a downloadable pdf file for your own use.  Just click on the image below.  Oh, one last thing...the green box on the left is place holder for a wallet-size school picture!
I am conducting a poll about the fabric combinations you see below.  I have several pillow inserts waiting to be covered.  Below are fabric swatches that I love and would like to use, but can't decide on the combination to go with.  The pillows will be for our couch in our formal living (that I'm trying to de-formalize).  I'm not going to give details about the couch because I don't love the couch and I am planning on slip covering it and eventually getting a new one.  

Take a vote on your favorite combination or feel free to suggest a new combo or fabric.

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I love

Check it out - this is all I have to say!

Okay, I'll fill you in...a little bit.  Pinterest is a website made up of creative pinboards from other users.  You pin your ideas and finds to your board.  This website is essentially eliminating my big bulky out-dated idea binder.

If you would like to create a pinterest account, just let me know and I will invite you.  I believe you can go to the website and request, but I heard it takes longer.  I'm warning you now - it's addicting, but I love it!  

Oh, and there is even a lovely app.

I realize nearly a month has gone by since the first day of school, but I want to share with you our celebratory "back to school" meals that I made for Hudson on the Sunday before his first day of Kindergarten.  I'm not going to lie, I tooted my own horn about what I did...I was getting my baby pumped about school.  

I got the idea from my friend Molly, we saw it as an April Fool's Day joke, but I thought the kids would enjoy it and why not?

I bought a Sarah Lee Pound Cake and some white frosting.  I cut the cake into 3/4" thick slices and I colored the frosting an orangey-yellow color.  I then heated a skillet on medium heat, threw the cakes in there for a few seconds just to toast them, spread on the frosting, and boo-yah tricky grilled cheese.  

I delivered the kids their meals on a plate with a side of grapes and Pringles.  Hudson had to throw a fit because I didn't cut the crust off, while Hadley dove in.  As I argued with Hudson about the crust, I watched Hadley's reaction and it was hilarious.  She took a nibble, stared at the sandwich, took another nibble, looked at me.  Finally, sick of hearing Hudson throw a fit, she turned to Hudson and said, "Huddy twy it, it good!"  He finally gave in, tried it, and was pleasantly surprised.  I know, I'm cool!
Notice Hudson in the background throwing a fit about the crust
Earlier this month Chick-fil-a celebrated Cow Appreciation Day and if you dressed as a cow you ate for free.  So, we dressed our calves up and headed to Chick-fil-a for some free grub.  I was actually really surprised at how many people participated - young and old.  A cute little old lady sat down next to us in full cow attire.  She was absolutely adorable.  Her outfit had a hood, utters, and a baby calf taped to her utter.  Of course when we left the kids stopped and chatted with her, called her utters a penis (Hud), and squeezed them (Hadley).  

The kids had so much fun making their outfits.  Hadley's outfit was a size 3 month halloween costume and we wrote "EAT MOR CHIKIN" on the chest.  Hudson's costume was from the Chick-fil-a website.  I printed out the ears, spots, nose, and sign and then we cut them out and taped them on.  
I tried a new recipe last night and we really liked it.  It was easy to make and clean up - one dish, the way I like it. 

I'm going to be honest, my finished dish did not look like the picture, but here's why.  I cooked the turkey bacon first, then threw in the chicken, and then started adding the other ingredients.  I didn't have half and half so I used milk and added a little cornstarch to thicken up the sauce.  Oh, I also snuck in chopped zucchini - heheehee

Regardless of my substitutions, dinner was delicious so I thought I would share the recipe.  Click on the image for the recipe.
I'm going to assume that I'm not alone on this, when I say that my kids don't like vegetables.  Well, unless you count corn and potatoes as vegetables.  Yes, I'm glad they love corn, but I wish they would eat more of the "good for you" stuff.  I can sometimes slip small chunks of zucchini and onions into sauces, but it's not very often.  

Anyways, enough about their poor eating habits. I had heard about Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, so I thought I would try it.  I bought a pound of butternut squash, a pound of sweet potatoes, and a pound of carrots.  I went with her suggestions to roast the squash and potatoes.  I didn't think it through all the way when I chose the pan to roast them on, I grabbed a flat cookie with no sides.  BIG mistake...the juices from the veggies ran all over the oven, making a huge mess.  While roasting the mess, I steamed the carrots on the stove in a double boiler pan.  Distracted by the juicy messy oven, it didn't occur to me that the water might boil away in the carrot pan.  Well it did, and it destroyed my pan and the carrots.  Puree night was not off to a good start, but I managed to pull through and get the squash and potatoes pureed and put in the freezer.  

I'm going to say I'm 1 for 3 on my deceptively delish success rate.  I made some Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They had pecans, chocolate chips, and chickpeas.  Hadley fell for them, but Hudson and Andy didn't like them.  I thought they were okay.  They had good flavor, but the chickpeas were kind of a weird texture.  I think I could have gotten away with the chickpeas if I would have mashed them up. Maybe I'll try again.

Second recipe I tried was Turkey Burgers - eight thumbs down.  The consistency was horrible, threw them away.  Lastly, I made Spaghetti.  Everyone liked it.  I minced up zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and added in a cup of the squash puree.  Everyone loved it, and didn't hear a complaint.  

I still have a few bags of puree in the freezer so I plan to try some more recipes in the future.  I just thought I better cool it for a little while before the fam figures me out (wink wink).