tow-head messes
This weekend we attended our friends wedding in Panama City Beach.  It was a BLAST!  We had the best time ever.  The weather was great, the rehearsal party was festive for cinco de mayo, and the wedding was the best one we've been to in years.  Andy played the guitar before and during the ceremony, and Hudson was the ring bearer.  Awww, just writing about it makes me want to go back.  The taste of the salt water, the sand between my toes, I want to go back!  The kids have been to the beach one other time, but during off season so they didn't get the full effect. 

I only have a couple of things to complain about.  #1 - We all slept in the same bed the first night down there, and there was more sand in the bed than a 1/2 square mile of the beach. #2 - SPF 50 doesn't protect my children.  Every morning I lathered the sunblock on them, and they still got sun burned.  Hudson didn't get burnt as badly as Hadley, but he prefers to wear his "swimming shirt". #3 - Our time at the beach was way too short!

Anyways, congratulations to Shana and Jarred!  Thanks for the wonderful weekend and we're so excited for you both. 
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