tow-head messes
I am on a mission to re-gain control of my house one task at a time.  That's really the only way to do it, in my mind anyways.  No. 1 on my list is tackling all of the school papers that my child brings home on a daily basis. 

I hate to throw papers away (I hope my mama doesn't read this, because I just threw a fit when she unloaded all of my school papers on me).  She saved everything, and now here I am having a difficult time throwing away the "perfect papers" that Hudson is creating.  

Anyways, I found a great solution - it's an organizer and an eliminator, and it's perfect for us.  I found a paper box and created folders out of cardstock.  I then glued the grade form that you see below onto the front of it.  Each grade has a folder and a little chart to fill out.  I will probably upgrade at some point from a paper box to a plastic file box but for now I think this will work. 

I created a downloadable pdf file for your own use.  Just click on the image below.  Oh, one last thing...the green box on the left is place holder for a wallet-size school picture!

10/10/2011 8:01pm

hey! Great idea! I'm using 3 ring binders for now and then will have to eliminate more as they get older and the binders stack up with eventually 4 per year. ;-) it is so hard picking the "best papers"!

12/30/2011 10:05pm

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